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On Anonymity

Site Guidelines

You’ll notice I don’t include my surname anywhere in this site. There are a few important reasons for this, all of which relate to freedom of expression.

In setting out to establish a blog where I am able to discuss any topic I like, I want to be sure that my opinions don’t reflect negatively upon anyone else – be it family, friends, employers, or organisations with which I am affiliated. Most institutions these days have social media policies, set out to minimise (or hopefully avoid) negative repercussions arising from their employees or members making statements online. I want to honour these strategies, and hold myself accountable in the process.

My intention is to take full responsibility for anything that I post here, and to always be respectful to others. I plan to put a lot of thought into the content that goes up here, but in the event I inadvertently cause offense, I want to limit the fallout to myself alone. In doing that, I free myself up to discuss matters related to a diverse range of topics, be this the industry/sector I work in, current events, popular culture, travel, sobriety, or mental health.

Where appropriate I will make declarations and disclosures about personal or professional relationships that might impact upon my objectivity, but I will also strive to do so without naming anyone else specifically. If there is every any doubt, I’m happy to be called out in the comments, though I encourage people to keep their discussion civil, as I will certainly be doing the same.

Finally, I’d like to make a request for anyone visiting this site. In this day and age it’s virtually impossible to keep your identity fully anonymous online. This is particularly true when you work in industries that have a web presence of some kind, which I do. The fact is it’s not hard to identify someone’s place of work if you want to. My only request is, if you do look me up, please don’t reveal the details. My stance on anonymity is to protect others rather than to hide behind a cloak of secrecy.