I maintained a series of different blogs for over 15 years only to have them come crashing down in 2019 at the hands of a persistent malware infection in my web host.  In an instant, countless blog posts, comments, energy, sweat and tears evaporated into the ether.

After nearly a year away from writing, I’ve decided to return to the blogosphere (or so it was called many years ago), and start from scratch.  Far from being a mournful emergence from the ashes, I’m actually enjoying the opportunity to start again, in part to hone what I’ve learned in the past, but also to experiment with new ideas and practices.

There are a number of areas I’ll be exploring here, each stemming from a different aspect of my identity.  I’ve worked in higher education for over 17 years as an educational technologist and learning designer.  I’ve been alcohol and drug free for over 20 years, and take my sobriety very seriously.  I’m an avid traveler and love the opportunity to explore new places and cultures.  I’m politically progressive, support LGBT+ rights and environmental protection, and am fascinated by social interaction, particularly in terms of how people can get along more lovingly. I also enjoy writing creatively.

But beyond that, I’m interested in meeting others in the WordPress community, and will be following as many new people as I can.  If you find what I write interesting, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog, and leave a comment to say hi.

Please note: I’m trying to strike a balance between being present and visible, while also posting anonymously out of respect for my friends, family and employers. More on this here: https://sobermb.net/2020/03/14/on-anonymity/

– Mike

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